Ministry Moments
  • Part of congregation at a rural church in Kenya
  • With children in Kenya
  • Keynote speaker at Asian Workers Seminar, Malaysia
  • Preaching in Uganda
  • After preaching in USA
  • Open air church meeting in Kenya
  • Outside a rural church in India
  • With congregation in the Philippines
  • Food distribution in the Philippines
  • Speaking at ladies' conference in Papua New Guinea
  • Prayer for the sick in Kenya
  • Launching the Vander Field Foundation in India
  • With my dear friend Pastor Amelia
  • With Archbishop and Bishop in India
  • With rural pastors in the Philippines
  • A warm welcome in India


I approach preaching from a prophetic point of view. That is to say, my emphasis is to bring God’s word to God’s people, and my sermon preparation always begins with asking Him what He wants to say to this particular people at this particular time.

That said, I find that my preaching topics often fall into these areas:

THE KINGDOM OF GOD – Christianity is not about us, it is about the King and His Kingdom.

COMMITMENT – lukewarmness is useless to the cause of Christ, unattractive to the world, and destructive to the individual spirit.

REPENTANCE – we need to acknowledge the areas in which we have failed and have a change of heart, mind and action in those areas.

THE WORD OF GOD – the Manufacturer’s Handbook, the General’s Battle Plan, the Bridegroom’s Love Letter to His Bride – it must be the touchstone of everything we believe, teach and do.

HOLINESS – God’s command, “Be holy for I am holy,” is as relevant today as ever.

GRACE – not just God’s “blind eye” to sin, but His dynamic indwelling power to live in victory.

PRAYER – two-way communication with God must be the essential underpinning of all we do, lest we forget our need of Him and try to stand in our own strength.

SPIRITUAL WARFARE – the battle we face is very real, and the Body of Christ needs to know how to be equipped and effective for the battle.

BALANCE – not the “balance” of compromise, but true balance which embraces all God has for us, not neglecting one aspect whilst over- emphasizing another.

– faith which is worked out where the rubber meets the road.

– faith is not a “button” we push to get God to do what we want, but a relationship in which we know our God and trust Him implicitly.

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