Ministry Moments
  • Part of congregation at a rural church in Kenya
  • With children in Kenya
  • Keynote speaker at Asian Workers Seminar, Malaysia
  • Preaching in Uganda
  • After preaching in USA
  • Open air church meeting in Kenya
  • Outside a rural church in India
  • With congregation in the Philippines
  • Food distribution in the Philippines
  • Speaking at ladies' conference in Papua New Guinea
  • Prayer for the sick in Kenya
  • Launching the Vander Field Foundation in India
  • With my dear friend Pastor Amelia
  • With Archbishop and Bishop in India
  • With rural pastors in the Philippines
  • A warm welcome in India


Beyond a formal statement of faith, these are some of my personal Christian beliefs and convictions:

1. Creation. I believe that God created the world as recorded in the first three chapters of Genesis. I believe that this happened over a literal one-week time frame, around 6,000 years ago. I believe that the first three chapters of Genesis record history, just as the rest of the book does. I totally reject evolution, both on the basis of the Word of God and on the scientific evidence. Anyone wanting to know more about this aspect should check out the excellent resources at Creation Ministries. Ultimately, it seems to me that God, who was there at the time, would know more about the beginnings of our universe than the evolutionists, who weren’t.

2. Eternal Security. I do not believe “once saved, always saved.” However, since salvation is solely on the basis of grace, I do not believe that we can lose our salvation by our works. If the only way to receive salvation is by grace through faith, then it seems logical to me that the only way to lose salvation is by losing faith and letting go of grace. That said, I would caution that failing to take hold of the grace God gives to live a godly life can ultimately lead to letting go of the grace of salvation.

3. Bible Versions. I believe in using a good modern translation of the Bible. I do not believe the Authorised Version is the only acceptable version – it was “authorised” by King James of England, not by God. I believe there are many flaws in the translation of the AV that have been corrected with the discovery of more valid texts. I believe that those, like Tyndale, who waged such a costly battle to have the AV accepted, at a time when there was no Bible in English, would fight just as fiercely today for modern versions, on the basis that people need to be able to read the Word of God in the language they speak – and people today do not speak King James English.

4. Women. Obviously, I believe that God has a right to use women in ministry as much as He has a right to use men. If I did not believe this, I would not be a preacher. The Word tells us that in Christ there is “neither male nor female” (Gal 3:26). Very simply, spiritual authority cannot come from a physical attribute, and gender is a physical attribute. To read a much longer discussion on this, click here.

5. The Rapture. I believe that the Church will go through the tribulation, that we will be caught up to Christ as He returns to establish His millennial kingdom. Jesus said it would be as in the days of Noah and as in the days of Lot (Lk 17:26-29) In both those cases, there was no intermediate time in which people had a second chance to repent. Noah and his family were sealed in the ark, then judgement was released. Lot and his family were dragged out of the city, then judgement. For those who think it impossible that God would allow His people to go through tribulation – tell that to the persecuted church! For those who think God would not leave His people on earth during times of judgement, look at the deliverance of Israel from Egypt. God kept the Israelites safe whilst he was bringing His judgements against Egypt, but they did not get to leave until the final judgement was completed.

6. Prophecy. I believe in the gift of prophecy, and I believe that God still calls forth people today to stand in the office of prophet. However, I see many instances where prophecy is misused in the church. In many cases “prophecy” has degenerated into “Christian fortune telling.” At times it is used to control and manipulate, which is witchcraft. Too often, people want a word from the prophet rather than seeking God for themselves. I believe that God is seeking to raise up a generation of true prophets who will speak fearlessly to call the church and the nations back to God.

7. Our Identification With Christ. Although this is mentioned in my Statement of Faith, I want to emphasize it here, because it is a very important platform of my ministry. Scripture describes the Church as the Body of which Christ is the Head. That speaks of the closest possible identification. When someone looks at my body, he sees me. When someone looks at Christ’s Body, He should see Christ. We are supposed to manifest Christ to the world in the same way that He manifested the Father.

8. The End Time Move of God. I believe that before the return of Jesus, there will be a move of God throughout the world such as has never been seen. I believe the Book of Acts will look like kindergarten in comparison, as God’s people finally discover their true identity in Christ and rise up in His authority and power. I believe this undeniable demonstration of God’s reality will see millions swept into the Kingdom of God. I believe that this will stir up unprecedented retaliation from the kingdom of darkness, which will culminate in the final showdown at the time of Christ’s return.

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