Ministry Moments
  • Part of congregation at a rural church in Kenya
  • With children in Kenya
  • Keynote speaker at Asian Workers Seminar, Malaysia
  • Preaching in Uganda
  • After preaching in USA
  • Open air church meeting in Kenya
  • Outside a rural church in India
  • With congregation in the Philippines
  • Food distribution in the Philippines
  • Speaking at ladies' conference in Papua New Guinea
  • Prayer for the sick in Kenya
  • Launching the Vander Field Foundation in India
  • With my dear friend Pastor Amelia
  • With Archbishop and Bishop in India
  • With rural pastors in the Philippines
  • A warm welcome in India

Christian Standards

Marriage Inequality

  Australians are being asked to say whether they want the Marriage Act changed to allow same-sex couples to marry. This is being done in the name of “Marriage Equality.” However, “Marriage Equality” is a deceptive and prejudicial term designed to influence people to a yes vote. THE TRUTH IS, WE ALREADY HAVE – AND ALWAYS HAVE HAD – MARRIAGE EQUALITY. THE SAME RULES ABOUT MAR Read more ...
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