Ministry Moments
  • Part of congregation at a rural church in Kenya
  • With children in Kenya
  • Keynote speaker at Asian Workers Seminar, Malaysia
  • Preaching in Uganda
  • After preaching in USA
  • Open air church meeting in Kenya
  • Outside a rural church in India
  • With congregation in the Philippines
  • Food distribution in the Philippines
  • Speaking at ladies' conference in Papua New Guinea
  • Prayer for the sick in Kenya
  • Launching the Vander Field Foundation in India
  • With my dear friend Pastor Amelia
  • With Archbishop and Bishop in India
  • With rural pastors in the Philippines
  • A warm welcome in India



I am Rev. Dr. Lynn Fowler, and I am a bondslave of the Lord Jesus Christ. Word and Fire Ministries is the ministry the Lord has given me. Jesus said that the Father seeks those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth. The truth comes from the Word of God, the sword of the Spirit. It is absolutely imperative that all our ministry – every preached message, every teaching, every prophetic utterance, every prayer and every proclamation – be firmly rooted in the Word of God. At the same time, it is completely possible to be totally Biblical in our content and yet the message be dead, because it has not been touched by the fire of the Holy Spirit. Where natural fire destroys, the fire of the Spirit brings life, excitement and enthusiasm. We need both the double-edged sword of the Word, and the empowering fire of the Spirit. My prayer is that my ministry will always be characterized by the presence of both.

The burden of my heart is to see the Body of Christ rise up to become all that God has created and called us to be, manifesting the glory of the King of kings. The words you will hear me say perhaps more often than any others are, “The Gospel is not about us, it is about the King and His Kingdom.” I particularly love to minister to leaders, as I know that they will take the message and see it spread and multiplied many times over.

I have a heart for missions, and also for small, struggling churches. Whether your congregation numbers ten or 10,000 I would consider it an honor to minister to them.

I am also a writer and publisher. You can find more of my writing at, and my books at Birdcatcher Books.

Through these pages you have an opportunity to learn more about me and my ministry. I pray that you will be blessed by your time on this site.

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